April 23, 2024

Everything you need to know about Elmiron medication lawsuits: https://www.yourlawyer.com/defective-drug-attorneys/elmiron-lawsuit-lawyers/elmiron-medication-lawsuit-criteria-settlement-questions-answered/

Personal injury attorney Jerry Parker of Parker & Waichman sits down to discuss all topics surrounding Elmiron lawsuits. From Elmiron recalls to Elmiron side effects to how much it will cost to sue the makers of Elmiron, Jerry dishes on it all. If you have taken the medication Elmiron for interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder condition, then you may be at risk for retinal maculopathy. Please seek out your doctors advice if you have any of the following symptoms, difficulty reading, blurred vision, muted colors, straight lines appearing curved, or dark spots in your vision.

0:05 What is Elmiron?
1:16 Who makes Elmiron?
4:55 What is Elmiron used for?
5:07 What are common symptoms of Petosan Polysulfate Sodium Associated Maculopathy?
6:47 What are the common misdiagnosis?
8:29 What would a target diagnosis be?
9:05 How can Petosan Polysulfate Sodium be diagnosed?
11:01 Can Elmiron cause blindness?
11:14 Does Elmiron cause macular degeneration?
12:00 If I am having trouble reading is that enough to sue?
13:41 How does Elmiron cause damage to the retina?
15:55 Should I get an eye exam? What kind?
16:39 What is Parker Waichman’s experience with suing for damage caused by Elmiron?
17:06 How do I know if I qualify for a Elmiron lawsuit? What is the criteria for a lawsuit?
18:15 Why should someone choose the Parker Waichman law firm for their Elmiron lawsuit?
20:12 What is your relevant experience with Elmiron?
21:07 Can I become part of an Elmiron class action lawsuit?
25:50 What could an Elmiron lawsuit settlement be?
28:11 How long will it take to get a Elmiron settlement?
28:56 How much will it cost me to sue the maker of Elmiron?
34:46 Should I sue my doctor who prescribed Elmiron? Is this a medical malpractice suit?
36:47 Should I talk to my doctor about my case?
38:10 Will I have to testify or go to court?
39:24 How can I pay my medical bills in the meantime?
39:59 Has there been an Elmiron recall?
41:12 Can you tell me about the side effects of Elmiron?
41:58 Is my lawsuit confidential?

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