July 12, 2024


This is a medical alert for boys and young men who have developed breast tissue growth. Reports state that studies going back to 2006 indicated a link between the drug and gynecomastia and that the manufacturer didn’t properly disclose this to patients. In fact, in 2013 Johnson & Johnson plead guilty to criminal charges of illegal promotion of its product to children and paid $2.2 Billion settlement to the US government. Reports also indicate that thousands of boys, teens and men have received confidential settlements alleging the drug company hid this information about the drug. If you or someone you love started taking Risperdal while they were under the age of 18 and developed Gynecomastia, you may be entitled to compensation. How do you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve? You choose the right legal team that has the experience, support staff and resources to get you the most compensation for your injuries. Call for more information and a free case review. Call now.

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