July 12, 2024

Has the FDA issued an Elmiron recall?

Find the full transcript here: https://www.yourlawyer.com/defective-drugs/elmiron/has-there-been-an-elmiron-recall/

0:04 Has there been an Elmiron recall?
1:18 What are Elmiron side effects?

Legal expert and lawyer, Jerrold Parker of Parker Waichman LLP answers this question about Elmiron the only treatment for interstitial cystitis. He also discusses the many side effects of Elmiron on the eye and the recent June 2020 update on the warning label for Elmiron. If you think you are experiencing any side effects from taking Elmiron you should talk to your doctor about your history of Elmiron usage and your vision problems. There are many non evasive tests you can have preformed to diagnose if you have damage to your retina because of Elmiron. Watch this video to see if there has been an Elmiron recall. You may want to consider joining an Elmiron lawsuit from the attorneys of Parker Waichman LLP.

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