May 22, 2024

Attention surgical mesh patch implant patients, jurors in New Jersey have awarded a surgical victim 7.7 million dollars in punitive damages.

If you or a loved one had a surgery for pelvic organ prolapse or urinary leakage where a mesh patch was used and have experienced urinary problems, pelvic pain, infection, erosion of the mesh, injury to nearby organs, or you require replacement or revision surgery you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. Mesh patch implants are used for repairing a common type of pelvic organ prolapse which occurs when pelvic organs fall out of place.

If you’ve had a surgical mesh patch implant and suffered an injury time is limited to file a claim. Act now. Call for more information about the recall, and a free consultation. Don’t be a silent victim. Call 800-460-2360, that’s 1-800-460-2360.

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