April 23, 2024


Attention. This is a legal alert. Have you or a loved one experienced mesh erosion after being treated with a surgical mesh implant for pelvic organ prolapse, POP, or stress urinary incontinence, SUI?

In a 2011 FDA report on surgical mesh implants, it was noted that serious complications are not rare and may expose patients to greater risk. Mesh erosion is a serious medical complication, where the synthetic mesh gradually moves through the vaginal wall and sometimes into other organs. It can cause intense pain, sexual problems, and often other serious health complications. Many women with vaginal mesh implants have required multiple revision surgeries to try to remove the surgical mesh implant.

If you’ve experienced pain or sexual problems after receiving a vaginal mesh implant, or if you’ve required revision surgery to try to remove the mesh implant, you may be entitled to a substantial financial compensation. We have set up a toll free line to give you the free information that you need.

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